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Helping You Grow & Preserve Your Wealth

At Harmony Point Wealth Advisors, we believe that developing a good financial plan today is critical to helping you and your family enjoy a better tomorrow.

Your financial plan serves as a road map that allows you to make good decisions, measures your progress, and prepares you for life’s expected and unexpected events.

By taking the time to understand your hopes and dreams, we are able to develop a financial strategy that sets a clear path forward for where you want to be in the future.

While helping you develop your financial plan, we:

  • Help you articulate clear, measurable goals for your saving, spending and giving objectives.
  • Prepare a written Investment Policy Statement to meet your financial goals.
  • Provide you with clear, concise quarterly performance reporting.
  • Offer you peace of mind while ensuring you that your assets are invested using the appropriate level of risk to help meet your short and long term objectives.

Ready to Get Your Financial House in Order?

Comprehensive Wealth Management Plan for Individuals & Families

When developing your comprehensive financial plan, our team evaluates key factors, such as your age, tax liabilities, and potential risks to develop an objective assessment of your current financial situation. This evaluation helps us prioritize what aspects of your financial life we need to focus on and allows us to optimize the planning strategy for each segment.

Once established, your financial assessment provides a holistic view of your entire life. As an invaluable tool, this diagnostic helps identify needless risks and allows you to prioritize important opportunities that will allow you to better align your decisions and assets with your goals.

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Investment Strategies

Aligning Your Assets with Your Plan

Developing a disciplined investment strategy that aligns with a sound financial plan is a key component of pursuing your financial goals.

At Harmony Point Wealth Advisors, we specialize in building portfolios focused on preserving and growing your assets. In addition to properly balancing risk and return, your portfolio will be designed to provide effective diversification, minimize excess cost(s), reduce tax liability, and provide adequate liquidity and cash flow to help meet your needs.

Additionally, we focus on a disciplined decision-making approach, which provides enhanced value. We don’t sell products and aren’t paid commissions on the investments we recommend. We receive compensation based on the value of the assets we manage for you, not how often we trade or the products we recommend.